Be the Light you want to see in the World

Invite Heaven on Earth

“Welcome” from Akasha

“There are many paths that lead to the same place. The path presented here is just one of the paths. It is a path of harmony, gentleness, love, acceptance, peace and truth. Please step into this space with respect and humble gratitude for its gifts and prepare yourself to be lead into openness, wisdom, knowledge and divine answers. The seeker finds. Know that you are always and at all times surrounded by God’s Love and Light. We are happy to assist you on your path to remembering yourself into oneness.”

The Akashic Record Keepers

Receive the Akashic Wisdom

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“Welcome” from Yana, Your JoyRide Coach

Dear Seeker. Welcome. Welcome from the stormy weather into this safe and loving shelter. Here you will find all the answers to your questions. Here you will be seen for who you are — a magnificent creation of Love and Light, a magnificent creator standing in his/her own power, a loved child of the Universe. You are always welcome here, to be yourself, to search for answers, to find guidance. Welcome to this magical space of peace, wisdom, support and love. Be the Light you want to see in the World.

In Love and Light,
Yana, Your JoyRide Coach